The PNP Aviation Security Group, under the leadership of PCOL ANTHONY A ABERIN, Acting Director, AVSEGROUP, successfully arrested a female passenger at NAIA Terminal 4 on September 11, 2022, for alleged violation of Republic Act No. 10591, otherwise known as the “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act.”

Based on the report of AVSEU NCR, while Security Screening Officer (SSO) Razel M Santonia, Duty X-ray Operator, was conducting security screening procedures at Baggage Build-up Area 1 of NAIA Terminal 4 at around 6:04 AM on the same date, he noticed an image resembling ammunition inside a black traveling bag. SSO Santonia immediately notified SSO Vilma A Esteban, SSO Team Leader, and PCpl Jimmy M Morada, Duty Police of Baggage Build-up Area 1.

Thereafter, they immediately informed the airline security personnel of Air Asia to locate the owner of the said bag. Accordingly, when the owner had been found, she was advised by the said personnel that they would conduct a manual search on the said bag. In the presence of the said SSO, PCpl Morada, and PEMS ROSA Birhen A Jacinto, Duty Team Leader, the owner freely pulls out the contents of her bag, yielding Fifty (50) rounds of ammunition of Caliber.380.

The bag’s owner was arrested by PCpl Morada, who informed her of the nature of her arrest and her constitutional rights. The arrested person was brought to NAIA Terminal 4 Airport Police Station, AVSEU NCR, along with the confiscated Security Risk Items (SRIs), for investigation and proper disposition.