PNP AVSEGROUP through the personnel of AVSEU NCR, under the command of PCOL ANTHONY A ABERIN, Acting Director, AVSEGROUP, successfully apprehended a male passenger for alleged violation of Republic Act No. 10591, also known as the “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act” at Private Security Screening Checkpoint, NAIA Terminal 4, Pasay City on September 12, 2022.

According to the preliminary investigation, the aforementioned passenger passed through the initial security screening checkpoint, where the walkthrough metal detector triggered. OTS Security Screening Officer Joseph Lee Caliwag, Duty Body Frisker, requested him to return and pass again, but this time he had to remove all metals from his body; however, the walkthrough metal detector repeatedly alarmed after he made several passes.

The said passenger was brought to Private Security Screening Checkpoint for the conduct of Manual Rigid Inspection at about 3:21 AM of the same date. The rigid inspection was conducted in the presence of SSO Franklin E Buscano, Team Leader, and Pat Mary Grace Nario, Duty PNP, and it yielded one (1) revolver firearm Caliber.22, silver plated, without serial number, concealed in his underwear. Pat Nario arrested the aforementioned passenger and informed him of the nature of his arrest as well as his constitutional rights.

The arrested person, together with the confiscated Security Risk Items (SRIs), was brought to NAIA Terminal 4 Airport Police Station, AVSEU NCR for investigation and proper disposition.