To monitor the security screening operations in all airports;
To respond to any airport crises and conduct counter-terrorism operations against any unlawful interference to civil aviation in the country;
To conduct crime prevention and security operations in the maintenance of peace and order within the airport complex;
To provide security coverage and police assistance to vip’s, foreign dignitaries, foreign , tourist and “balikbayans” while at the airport and provide security assistance for high risk passengers;
To conduct intelligence operations, periodic security survey, inspection and audit in all countries airports and investigation on violation of laws at the airport incoordination other concerned government agencies;


ARMD/PRSRecruitment Process
                      Personnel Transactions Desk
                      (DLOS)Discipline, Law and Order Section

ICTD            - Issuance of Security Clearance for AVSEC Training Applicants
                       Clerance for Avsec Participants

OMD            - Repository of all data pertaining to crime/incidents
                      Copy/ies of CSW on Incidents, Programs, Data, etc.

ID                 - Investigation of complaints against erring AVSEG personnel 
                     - Assist AVSEUs in the conduct of investigations
                       Walk-in Complainant

QADDD        - Provide quality aviation security training for civilian and PNP personnel
                       Aviation Security Course

AVSEUs       - Provide firearm facilitation to all civilian and AFP/PNP personnel
                       Firearms Facilitation

PCR              - Serves as a conduit between all stakeholders and PNP AVSEG in matters related to all laws and regulations relative to air travel protection and safety to all domestic and international airports in the Philippines.
                       Letter Request for Info Drive/Caravan

MPSU        - Walk-in Complainant
                   - Issuance of Traffic Accident Investigation Report