Office for Transport Security (OTS)

Pasay City - The Office for Transportation Security (OTS) releases a new list of prohibited items in congruence to international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The primary objective of the said step is to develop the pre-existing list of items prohibited on Philippine airports to counter emerging threats to civil aviation brought about by introduction of new items capable of being used to destabilize aircrafts and innovative ways of artfully concealing weapons devised by unlawful elements. It also intends to establish a standardized security screening operations at all airports in the country.

A comprehensive study has been made to ensure that all items included in the list would not be used to commit any acts of unlawful interference against the civil aviation. Accordingly, through appropriate legislation's such as Annex 17 of the ICAO also known as Chicago convention where our National Civil Aviation Security Program has been anchored with and Republic Act 6235 or the Anti-Hijacking Law of the Philippines, the OTS has added essential items and increases the standard level to commensurate with threats posed by the introduction of these new items.

Revised Prohibited Items List.CLICK HERE to Download