DECEMBER 7, 2021 – The Aviation Security Unit National Capital Region led by PCOL CHRISTOPHER MELCHOR, Chief, AVSEU NCR under the competent leadership of PBGEN YSMAEL SALONGA YU, Director AVSEGROUP, successfully conducted the 2021 NAIA Full Scale Security Exercise on Active Shooting Incident, together with MIAA, CIQ, the Response to Active Shooting Incident (RASI) Team of the Special Operations Unit-AVSEGROUP, Aviation Security Explosives and Canine Unit (AVSECU), Medical Response Teams from AVSEGROUP-FMDU and MIAA Medical, the MIAA Airport Police Department and the MIAA Fire and Rescue Team. 

 The Deputy Director for Administration of AVSEGROUP, PCOL LIMUEL E OBO, DDA warmly welcomed all the participants of the activity. PCOL OBON expressed his warmest gratitude to the Manila International Airport Authority, headed by General Manager Eddie V Monreal, for his outpouring support to the PNP AVSEGROUP.
This exercise sets the Tactical Guidelines and Procedures to be undertaken by the different agencies directly involved in such scenarios in ensuring the safety and security of NAIA Complex and its stakeholders. This exercise applies to all involved to include dedicated agencies/offices/units of AVSEGROUP Crisis Incident Management Task Group (CIMTG) in coordination with MIAA Crisis Management Committee (CMC) during the different phases of active shooting responses and bomb situation management. The AVSEGROUP CIMTG and MIAA CMC aims to resolve the active shooting and eventual discovery of IED incident swiftly and efficiently with the sole purpose of restoring the normalcy of the airport operations at NAIA Terminal Complex.
The situation shown is an active shooting incident and discovery of IED incident in NAIA Terminal 3 Multi-level Parking. The suspect carries a back pack with an IED inside it that was eventually discovered later on. The suspect was a former Security Guard for 10 years and was fired for committing suspicious activity. A year after getting fired, out of his anger and frustration, he tried to enter the premises with a concealed firearm and wearing the aforementioned backpack but his attempt to enter the building failed because of the strict security protocols before entering. After a series of commotion with the entrance security personnel, he pulled-out his firearm and opened fire, causing injuries to the security and in the process called the attention of other Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) in the area. The crisis was treated accordingly through the prompt response of the AVSEGROUP Crisis Incident Management Task Group including the Response to Active Shooting Incident (RASI) Team, AVSEU NCR, AVSEGROUP Field Medical and Dental Unit, Mobile Patrol Security Unit, Special Operations Unit, Aviation Security Explosives and Canine Unit, the MIAA Crisis Management Committee, the MIAA Airport Police Department, and the MIAA Fire and Rescue Team.
This type of exercises are being conducted regularly to develop and hone the skills and security procedures and protocols necessary when incidents like this suddenly occur within our Area of Responsibility.
“For the past 30 years in serving and protecting all airports nationwide, I am confident that we will continuously sustain our effective partnership with the community and will always work together to deliver an efficient public safety services to the people.”, PCOL OBON added.