Director, AVSEGROUP conducted Mass Formation and Accounting of Headquarters Duty Personnel


NOVEMBER 30, 2021 – The Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group under the competent leadership of PBGEN YSMAEL SALONGA YU, Director, AVSEGROUP conducted mass formation and accounting of headquarters duty personnel at AVSEGROUP Headquarters, Crash Gate 1, NAIA Complex, Pasay City.
The Chief of Staff of the PNP AVSEGROUP, PCOL RONALD V GAYO, spearheaded the said activities. During the accounting, PCOL GAYO directed all the Chief of Offices to conduct inspection and observe the issuance of the Delinquency Reports (DR) to those personnel who will report late as well as those who will be absent to include those who improperly wear their uniforms in order to improve the overall state of discipline within the PNP AVSEGROUP.
These activities are in adherence to the command guidance from the Director of AVSEGROUP, which is aligned to the Intensified Cleanliness Policy of the PNP particularly on cleanliness in the ranks. This is also an opportunity to disseminate directives and instructions from the higher headquarters as well as to know the status and concerns of AVSEGROUP personnel.