Female Platoons, Take Post in Terminals

          PBGEN FLORENCIO T ORTILLA, Director AVSEGROUP initiated the creation of Special Operations Unit (SOU) and Mobile Patrol Security Unit (MPSU) Female Platoons which was activated on February 22, 2021 and March 3, 2021 respectively. This initiative was implemented to forge forces with their male counterparts in securing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Pasay City.


          Said SOU Female Platoon is supervised by PLTCOL LIZEL S DIMAANDAL, as Platoon Leader. They are currently deployed at NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City with 28 members while the MPSU Female Platoon led by PLT TIFFANIE S PULBOSA, with 24 members is deployed at NAIA Terminal 2, Pasay City. The former’s area of operation is within the airside while the latter’s area of responsibility is in the landside all within the NAIA Complex, Pasay City. Members of the aforementioned platoons were regularly participating in the physical activities and fun shoots to ensure that they are adept in the use of their issued firearms as well as enhance their marksmanship skills and be able to subdue lawless elements that would pose threat in the airport complex.


          This endeavor was undertaken in order to create an opportunity for the female members of this Group to strengthen their role in the context of policing in the law enforcement pillar. This is also to empower and reinforce their leadership skills; promote gender awareness and development; enable to actively capacitate themselves and be a major contributor in securing the airports as the mandated task of the PNP AVSEGROUP.


          Since the start of their deployment of SOU and MPSU Female Platoons at the NAIA Complex, Pasay City, this Unit has received positive feedbacks from the stakeholders and air riding public regarding the capability of women in handling law enforcement activities and other related needs in the airports.

          Most of the airport stakeholders think that policewomen were only allowed to work in the office. However in the succeeding days of the deployment, it proves that women complements men and can be a strong partner in the police organization.



          The presence of policewomen in the airports and landside created an ambiance of friendship and kindness among the airport users and created a welcoming and warmth feeling among the passengers.

          Gone were the days that deployment of personnel in strategic areas and vital installations like airports were dominated by male police officers. Having women police officers patrolling the busy airport like the NAIA, will bridge the gap between airport users and police officers.


          For the past weeks of successful deployment of SOU and MPSU Female Platoons, their presence in the airport complex showed a great impact among the passengers and stakeholders. Passengers felt the sense of security due to additional police presence and felt more comfortable in approaching for assistance.